Essential Moving Hacks You Should Apply

If you’re planning to transfer from your old home and move into your new home for the first time, you need to consider several tips that can help you have a hassle-free moving-out day. To know what these hacks are, keep on reading below: 

Plan for chores 

Now that you have your property, all of the duties that your home handler did will be part of your responsibility. Begin to consider buying a shovel, rake, weed trimmer, sprinklers, and lawnmower today. Also, don’t forget to prepare a set of tools that can help deal with your household fixes.? 

Pack a “first-day box” 

Make sure to pack all of the things that you think can make you easily deal with your first day and night in your new abode. Such things include trash bags, paper plates, dinnerware, extension cord, lamp, toilet paper, shower rings, and curtains, etc. You can also consider getting a debarras lyon where you can put all of these things simultaneously for easy access and storage.? 

Have and home inspection 

Maintenance and repairs now come out of your wallet, and not your landlord’s. Create a list of the stuff that you want to be inspected. During the check-up process, make sure to stay in the house. When you think anything should be fixed, ask the seller to deal with the costs first before closing the deal.? 

Exterminate, clean, paint, install 

Some things would be best left without placing any furniture around. Before everything will be moved in, make sure to consider plugging in power strips, spray for pests, paint the walls, and wipe out the cabinets. When all of your things are back, it won’t be this easy again.? 

Purge your things 

Unless if you really cannot live without a thing, then perhaps you should take advantage of a move to remove it. Hold a yard or garage sale to acquire additional cash to finance your move.? 

Change the locks 

We highly recommend you to change the locks of your house since you never know how many people have a copy of your home keys, knowing that someone’s living in it before you finally acquired your new home. Also, you should install a home security system or deadbolt, and have an additional copy of your key made. 

Come up with a maintenance checklist 

It may be simple to take for granted all the maintenance routines that are done by the maintenance team of your complex apartment. To prevent this from happening, don’t forget to come up with a list right from the beginning and even before you step into your house so that you won’t forget such chores later.? 

Locate your main water valve and fuse box 

In case of emergencies, it’s best to know where to find your fuse box and water valve to immediately take action against any power or water issues.? 

Change your air filters 

Make sure to do so to maximize the air system of your HVAC unit. This way, you will be comfortable with your new place right after you arrive.? 

Tips to Effectively Free Up Your Home Space

In this article, we will be sharing with you a few beneficial tips that can help you maximize your current space. Plus, you might find some of the extra room that you need without the need to have your home extended, saving you plenty of money, time, and disruption. Read this article for more: 


Most of the time, we feel like we need more area in our homes. However, what we fail to realize is that we need to have fewer things. To organize and contain everything, perhaps your first idea is to head out to purchase furniture where you can store everything. However, such pieces can only be more problematic compared to their contents. Also, you may start to feel as if your room will be a fully packed storage area with bulky furniture pieces. Instead, you can ask for a professional monte meuble lyon services to help manage your furniture, in case you own one as of now. Also, take some of your time off to provide your house a good decluttering time and make sure to be serious about this to achieve a cleaner and more spacious area to live in.  

Make use of the area below the stairs 

Most of the time, the parts below your stairs are poorly used and numerous companies give great bespoke solutions to let you maximize this area. Cupboards and drawers can be made to store everything from bags and umbrellas to sports equipment and shoes. In some homes, this area has been utilized very efficiently as an extended area for the kitchen or made as a mini-study area.  

Invest in storages that are purpose-built 

Determine the items that you want to store and then try investing in a few purpose-built storage solutions. If you want to go for a personalized unit, then you can tailor it to perfectly fit into your room while ensuring that it can easily organize and hold the contents. This only means it investing in purpose-built storage solutions will be completely functional while being lowkey. Plus, it can be a great addition to your room.  

Provide purpose to any unused rooms 

Search for areas of your house that are poorly used. For instance, your box room might be a pretty useless bedroom for anyone unless you have a small child or a baby. Once your little kids start to grow up, perhaps this area will be left unused. Instead of leaving it like that, you should take this chance to put it to good use. Such areas can be perfect to be transformed into a study area or assign any function to it that you feel will be useful to you.  

Unused wall area 

You can never get sufficient storage. Try to search for an alcove or unused wall area that you can renovate into a beneficial storage area. You can free up space elsewhere throughout your house by placing this otherwise unnecessary home space to good use.